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Equine Bill Of Sale

Equine Bill Of Sale

Download a great looking equine bill of sale to make your bill of sale fast and simple!

Overview of equine bill of sale

Buying or selling horses is undoubtedly an exciting time but is also potentially stressful and can be fraught with financial danger. Whether you are buying or selling, an equine bill of sale is the best way of protecting yourself should things go wrong. This legal document clearly and in detail sets out the terms of the contract of sale between the two parties. The expectations of both Buyer and Seller are laid down and mutually agreed and the document is signed and witnessed. Should there be any problems following completion of the sale, the equine bill of sale is there to be referred to for clarification of the point in dispute.

Equine bill of sale details

The document should contain full details of both parties to the transaction including their full legal names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. The ‘Buyer’ and ‘Seller’ will be clearly specified and for the duration of the document, they will be formally referred to using those terms.

A comprehensive physical description of the horse will form an important part of the document. This should include the animal’s stable name, registered name if applicable, age, sex, color, height, any identifying marks, microchip and/or freeze brand numbers, passport information, vaccination and insurance details. A diagram showing any white markings, whorls etc should be included if available, together with any veterinary certificate and X-rays offered by the Seller.

If the horse is required to pass a veterinary examination before the contract is completed, this should also be noted in the document, together with details of any deposit agreed between the parties and the agreed course of action by both parties should the horse fail the examination.

It is extremely important that the seller specifies the use for which the horse is sold as suitable, for example, show jumping, dressage, hacking etc. Behavioral details should also be included: can the horse be clipped, boxed, shot etc and any stable vices or quirks should be noted.

The agreed method of payment for the horse should be stated together with confirmation of when the ‘risk of loss’ (for example veterinary bills) is transferred to the Buyer. This is very important in the case of any accident or damage to the horse after it has left the Seller’s care en route to its new home.

All paperwork, registration papers and vaccination certificates etc pertaining to the horse should be described together with details of when the Buyer should expect to be in receipt of them.

Finally, the Equine Bill Of Sale must be signed and dated by both parties to the transaction and the signatures witnessed.

How to use Equine bill of sale template

We offer you a free equine bill of sale template so that you can create your own bill of sale quickly and easily. This equine bill of sale template is a Microsoft Word document template, therefore, it is very easy to use. The Equine bill of sale form outlines all required information as mentioned above. All you need is download the file, extract it using zip program, fill out the form and print.

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